Fairytale Island 🏰

Here ye, here ye! Welcome to Fairytale Island, the newest addition to Poptropica! The idyllic fairytale scenes mask a dark reality for the island's people -- their happy endings are in danger!


Enter Fairytale Island through Mainstreet, where you’ll soon encounter many familiar favorites from fairytale folklore (try saying that 5 times fast). It’s not long until the Three Little Pigs reveal that several of the island’s residents need your help in reclaiming their happy ending. Make the most out of your visit and become the hero of your own tale!




Explore the Dark Forest, Palace, and High Road to solve the mystery of who’s threatening Fairytale Island and its happy endings. Take your time to chat with the locals to find out more about what’s happening to Fairytale Island.

The three additional characters along Mainstreet direct you to the three different side quests that are needed to complete the island! Click Little Red, three dwarves in a trench coat, and Cinderella’s fairy godmother to visit each step of the island.


Red Riding Food Delivery: Help Red deliver pizza to a cabin in the woods. Beware of the wolf!

Little Red Riding Hood needs help delivering her Grandma’s pizza order through the Dark Forest. Pair up with Red and navigate the forest’s labyrinth together in search of the cabin. As you travel deeper into the Dark Forest, the wolf is watching you and Red from the shadows.


Red Riding Pizza Delivery Side Quest


Navigate the forest labyrinth and watch out for the big, bad wolf! Eventually, you arrive at the Grandma’s cabin in the woods! Nothing bad ever happened at a cabin in the woods, right?!


Cabin in the Woods


As you head inside, you meet a Huntsman and Red’s Grandma. The Huntsman gathers a handful of different snacks before handing you candy, hot dogs, pizza, and beans. He instructs you to use the food to lure the wolf inside. Why wouldn’t you listen to him?

The Huntsman’s bait works! Before long, the wolf creeps out of the bushes towards the food and into the cabin.

In response, the Huntsman becomes fully unhinged as he slaps a slice of pizza onto the Grandma’s head, urging the wolf to attack.


Homicidal Huntsman plots to kill Red's Grandma


This whole time, the Huntsman was scheming to lure the wolf into eating Red’s Grandma!  The Huntsman genuinely thought Red would fall madly in love with him if he saved her Grandma from being eaten by the wolf. He was mistaken.

You and Red give him some advice and before you know it, the Huntsman is off to find true love again! Hopefully this time it doesn’t involve mauling sweet old ladies.


He's off to find true love!


But just when you think the side quest is completed, Red’s Grandma tells you she wasn’t the one that placed the order.


If Red's Grandma didn't order the pizza, who did?


Mysteriously, someone else ordered the pizza to the cabin in the woods. Red’s receipt is signed by a mostly illegible autograph. The only clue into who intentionally placed the order is the first few letters of their name.



Red's Pizza Receipt


You’ve completed the Red Riding Food Delivery side quest! As a reward, you will receive 250 credits!


Break the Spell: In the Palace, you’ll come across Amelia and the seven dwarves. They need your help waking a slumbering Snow White from a mysterious spell. Will a prince’s kiss be the key to rousing Snow?


Will the Prince's kiss wake Snow?


Look around the palace scene to find a prince. Conveniently, just up the stairs, a blubbering prince wails about his distaste for work and his unfair father. He asks you to talk to his father for him, and who are you to turn down a prince?


Blubbering Prince


The king’s palace looms over the stairs, intimidating everyone below. At once, the king emerges and reveals a secret – he is not as he appears.


King's Introduction


Suddenly, the king’s eyes flash a menacing shade of yellow, complete with unnatural reptilian slits. Then, he boasts an even bigger secret. HE is the one that has been stealing the happy endings from the Fairytale Island Residents. But, as a merciful ruler, the king agrees to release the happy endings, on the condition that you learn his real name.


He has stolen the happy endings!


After a very confident guess, you deduce his name is indeed, not “Doofus.”  As a parting gift, the king offers a final clue… Lipstick? In order to wake the sleepy princess, giving Snow a true love’s kiss while wearing the gifted lipstick ought to do the trick.


Pucker up!


Back at the base of the palace, you fill Amelia and the dwarves in what the king said. Without missing a beat, Amelia ominously warns you not to trust anything that magic dudes tell you.


Don't trust anything magic dudes say!


The dwarves try their best to help and offer their own ideas on what will wake Snow. What if Snow’s true love isn’t a prince at all? Maybe it’s dirt? Tiny drink umbrellas? Pretty dresses?

Are we absolutely sure it isn’t dirt?




Look around to find Snow’s true love by clicking the nearby items around the Palace scene.

Surprisingly, the thing to wake Snow is a kiss from her goat.


Snow and her goat share a kiss?


The goat’s kiss has broken the spell! But before things get a little too weird, Snow explains how she’s always loved animals.


Snow has veterinarian aspirations


The groggy princess only remembers one detail before she nodded off. The thief of her happy ending sang a song as she fell asleep. “Something–something-SKIN is my name.”


"Something-something-skin is my name!"


You’ve completed the Break the Spell side quest! As a reward, you will receive 250 credits!



Climb the Mountain: Cinderella needs help to get to the ball! Help her reach the top of the mountain!

Meet Cinderella’s fairy godmother towards the right end of Mainstreet. Cinder is running late to the ball, venture onto the High Road to find her. Watch out for the slapping saplings along the way!


Cinderella needs your help!


Cinder’s carriage can’t make it up the mountain and her glass slippers are hurting her feet too much to walk.


Cinderella won't make it on time! The mountain is too high, and Cinder's glass slippers are painful.


There’s only one option left. Let Cinder hitch a ride to the top to get to the ball on time! (She’s very particular about time for some reason??)


Cinder hitches a ride.


With the princess on your back, climb up the High Road. Navigate the path and beware the cat-icorn crossing, toll road, and fire-breathing dragon. As you both near the summit, a patch of mud is the final straw for Cinder. She drags herself through the mud and kicks her glass slippers off. 


"I... I can make it!"


Cinder finally reaches the ball at the mountaintop! She’s empowered by the journey and performs her original song, “Take Back Your Flipp’n Glass Slippers, Whatever–Stilts–Man.”


“Take Back Your Flipp’n Glass Slippers, Whatever–Stilts–Man.”


WOW! Who knew Cinderella could shred?!


Rock & Roll Cinder


You’ve completed the Climb the Mountain side quest! As a reward, you will receive 250 credits.


Thief of Happy Endings: After completing all 3 side quests, come face to face with the villain himself!

You find yourself alone in the throne room with him. It’s time to reveal you know his little secret.


A face-to-face meeting in the throne room


You shout his name three times, as he stands in disbelief. “Rumpelstiltskin… Rumpelstiltskin… RUMPELSTILTSKIN!”




Surprisingly, Rumpelstiltskin breaks into a cackle, clutching his sides. He exclaims, “Never trust a magic man!” 

Immediately, Rumpelstiltskin begins to grow in size and change appearance. Soon, he is towering over you, bellowing “THREE AND I’M FREE!” His shape transforms to shadow.


Three and I'm free!


And with a frighteneing smile, Rumpelstiltskin promises to “see you soon, little adventurer.” In a flash, Rumpelstiltskin has disappeared! He’s gotten away!  


See you soon, little adventurer.Rumpelstiltskin dissolves into smoke



After Rumpelstiltskin’s mysterious departure, you are transported from the throne room to the palace grounds once again.

Outside the palace, you’re reunited with Amelia, Snow, Red, Cinder, the Huntsman, and the dwarves! You tell Amelia about Rumpelstiltskin’s retreat, terrified for what this means for Fairytale Island.


He turned into a smoke monster!


But Amelia is unbothered by the news. She’s confident Rumpelstiltskin will return to Fairytale Island one day.


Thankfully, today is not that day.


Rumpelstiltskin will be back one day


Instead, Amelia wants to celebrate the return of the island’s happy endings! Despite the changes to their narratives, Snow, Cinder, and Red are especially content with their new happy endings!


Look on the bright side. You gave all these people new happy endings!


Congratulations!! After returning Fairytale Island to its happy endings, you have successfully completed Fairytale Island! You’re awarded 200 credits, for a total of 2500 credits. Your services have been greatly appreciated, young adventurer!




Watch the official walkthrough HERE!