Arabian Nights Island

The winner of Poptropica's Create Your Dream Island contest comes to life! Journey to an ancient land of sultans, thieves, and a magical lamp with power beyond imagination.

Poptropica Arabian Nights

Island Guide - Tips and Tricks!

Poptropica Arabian Nights Sultan


After the forty thieves ransack his city, a desperate sultan has one request: find the thieves’ lair, and bring back his most cherished possession!


Poptropica Arabian Nights Island


In the den of the forty thieves, danger lurks around every corner. To outwit the most dangerous thieves in the desert, you’ll need a little help evening the odds — and you’ll find it in the form of an incredible magic power!


Poptropica Arabian Nights


The genie is out of the bottle, and now everyone wants a chance to make their wishes come true. But whether you’re a greedy merchant, a lovelorn palace guard, or a Sultan with a long-buried secret, heed this advice: be careful what you wish for!



Poptropica Scheherazade



POPTROPICA TRIVIA: Scheherazade the princess is named after the original storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights.



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Arabian Nights Member Card



Did You Know: Members get an Arabian Nights Poster and Plundered Armor Costume!