Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Halloween on the Airship: Costume Sneak Peeks ✨

Welcome back, y’all! As promised, the Halloween costume reveals continue! ?


Following yesterday’s unveiling of the first two winners, Pumpkin Magician by Cheerful Feather and Bag Man by Red Flame, today’s surprise duo features two exciting Airship additions. Shoutout to every Poptropican who participated in last month’s contest – this may have been the hardest round yet and you should be proud of your creativity and designs!


That being said, we’re itching to share two new designs with you. Presenting the third and fourth winners of September’s costume contest: Candle Cat by White Moon and Flowy Man by Happy Chicken! ?


Halloween Costume Reveal: Candle Cat by White Moon


Halloween Costume Reveal: Flowy Man by Happy Chicken


Congratulations to White Moon and Happy Chicken for their awesome designs! ?


Stick around for tomorrow’s final reveal for Thursday’s Halloween restock in the Cabin of Curiosities. In the meantime, don’t miss the 2 free costumes and Haloween gear that are currently available on the Airship!

Monday, October 3, 2022

Sneak Peek Into the Airship's Upcoming Halloween Haunts ?

Happy Monday, Poptropicans. We've been preparing a special surprise for you and can't hold it in a second longer!


October’s Halloween celebration is set to begin this week! ?


Similar to last year’s festivities, SIX player designed costumes will be offered for free on the Airship! Starting this Thursday, all players can outfit their Popsonas with the full Halloween costume collection! To prepare for the new holiday haul, we’re revealing all six winners ahead of their release. Presenting: the first two winners of September’s costume contest…


Halloween Costume Reveal: Bag Man by Red Flame


Halloween Costume Reveal: Pumpkin Magician by Cheerful Feather


Bag Man by Red Flame and Pumpkin Magician by Cheerful FeatherLet’s give Cheerful Feather and Red Flame a big hand, well done! ?


Be sure to snag the Airship’s September swag ASAP, before October’s restock hits the shelves on Thursday. Stay tuned for the remaining 4 costume contest winners over the next two days – there are some bewitching additions heading your way, Poptropicans! ?

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Update: Store Stock and Sneak Peeks!

Good morning, Poptropicans!


On the docket for today: this week’s shop rotation and special sneak peeks at 2 brand new costumes hitting the shelves in July!


Adventure Outfitters is gearing up for a shop switcheroo. This week is your last chance to add the 2022 Pride collection to your inventories! ?


In case you haven’t already snagged June’s Pride memorabilia, all players can purchase the Rainbow Shoes, Sporty Pride, and Breezy Pride costumes for free (yep, 0 credits)! Likewise, decorate your clubhouse with the Rainbow Bean Bag and Pride Heart items for next to nothing (1 credit each). The Choose Love and Rainbow Ride costumes offer extra variety for representation (200 credits and 250 credits, respectively). Swing by AO on Mainstreet this week to get this year’s Pride gear! ?️‍??️‍⚧️


2022 Pride Collection (1 of 2)2022 Pride Collection (2 of 2)


In the main rotation, costume highlights include casual clothes like the Flannel Tank (200 credits) and Sunset Tee (150 credits). Want something to make you stand out from the crowd? Check out the gamer-inspired pink Comfy Vibes (250 credits, members only) and Skull Mask outfits (350 credits).


6/27 shop update (1 of 4)6/27 shop update (2 of 4)6/27 shop update (3 of 4)6/27 shop update (4 of 4)


Who’s ready for a sneak peek at 2 brand new costumes planned for July’s storefront? Without further ado…


July Costume Teasers


The ensembles tickle the imagination! Both feature plenty of unique elements that will WOW when combined with other outfit pieces. Who else can’t wait for these awesome costume additions?! ??


Want in on a fun experiment? Guess the costume names correctly and you’ll get the outfits for free! Share your name predictions in the comments before the first shop update of July for the chance to win. Good luck, y’all! 

Friday, May 6, 2022

Pop Culture Update: Episodic Announcements

Happy Friday, Poptropicans! Hope you’re ending this week on a high note, the weekend is finally upon us!


We’ve shared a bunch of exciting news with you lately, but there are still more updates to fill you in on! Several special, behind-the-scenes projects are currently in the works around Pop HQ. Think you can handle another announcement? ?


At this very moment, another installment of an episodic island is being converted for rerelease! ?


Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. It’s true!


Although the upcoming episode is not set to be released for several more weeks, we’re delighted to share the good news with you! In the meantime, can you guess which island installment is being converted? Not only that, do you have a favorite episode from all the multi-part islands? Or does one particular episode stand out among the rest? We want to know! Share your predictions and favorites in the comments, they’re a hoot to read! ?


Have a lovely weekend, Poptropicans! Stay poppin’.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Poptropica's Roblox News: More Game Details Revealed ?

Breaking news! We have more Roblox updates to share with you today!


After revealing the very first sneak peek into Poptropica’s upcoming Roblox game, we left you with a question: “which island do you think inspired the new release?” The Pop community dropped tons of guesses about the island inspiration, with the frontrunner being Monster Carnival. Although it isn’t Monster Carnival, the islands do share the same spooky atmosphere. Props to the handful of players that called it early – you guessed right!


No need to keep it a secret any longer! The island inspiration for Poptropica’s debut Roblox game is…


Poptropica's Zomberry inspired Roblox game




Isn’t the dusky game scene a close match to Zomberry’s vibe? Keeping the berry-infected monsters in mind, the upcoming Roblox game is zombie themed! All players will be welcomed into a new multiplayer experience to play against one another – humans versus zombies style. Will the humans survive the Zomberry chaos? That’s up to you! ?‍♀️?


That’s the latest news on the Roblox release! Luckily, the upcoming Zomberry game will be launching soon, so you don’t have to wait long for it! Who else is excited to explore Poptropica’s zombie adventure in 3D? What Zomberry elements are you hoping to see recreated? Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts with other players! ?


As always, stay poppin’ y’all. 

Friday, February 18, 2022

Secret of the Jade Scarab: Sneak Peeks, Cat Concepts, and more! ?✨

Happy Friday, Poptropicans! Let’s kick off the weekend with a special surprise… How about another sneak peek into Secret of the Jade Scarab?! The final Dream Island is still in development, but we have more behind-the-scenes teasers to share with you!


In case you missed it, the first look into Secret of the Jade Scarab was shared only a few weeks ago! In the sneak peek, a fancy feline was revealed… Notice anything interesting about the creature? It seems impossible to look away from its glowing green eyes! There’s also been talk about the cat’s impressive jewelry. Whoever gave this mystery cat its gold accessories was not kitten around...


Secret of the Jade Scarab - coming soon!Secret of the Jade Scarab sneak peek


Now that we’ve covered the previous teaser, let’s move onto the next sneak peek! Without further ado, here’s another glimpse at the same green-eyed cutie!


Cat concept art for Secret of the Jade Scarab island


How great are these cat concepts?! They’re. Just. So. CUTE. This kitty might be on the on the move, but it’s ready to strike a pose at a moment’s notice! Can you pick a favorite from the poses?


Do you have any guesses how the cat might be involved in the island? Maybe you love Egyptian history and mythology? Is there something in particular you’re hoping to see? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments section! Once Secret of the Jade Scarab is released (to all players‼️), you can claim ultimate bragging rights if you guess right! ?


Keep your eyes peeled more news and teasers for the final Dream Island -- coming soon! Until then, stay poppin' y'all!

Friday, January 28, 2022

Coming Soon to All Players: Secret of the Jade Scarab! ?

SURPRISEEE! Happy Friday, Poptropicans!


What a better way to end the week than to unveil the very first sneak peek for Secret of the Jade Scarab Island! The island’s idea was thought up by Girl Power and is the 3rd (and final) Dream Island Contest winner to be converted into a full-fledged adventure!


Without further ado, here’s the first look into Secret of the Jade Scarab! ?



Coming Soon: Secret of the Jade Scarab Island!


Secret of the Jade Scarab scene teaser


The Egyptian-themed island is in development at this very moment! Upon its release, Secret of the Jade Scarab Island will be immediately available to ALL PLAYERS on both desktop and mobile! Get hyped, y’all!


This is just the tip of the iceberg! More sneak peeks and previews will be coming soon! Based off the teaser, what are you first impressions? What do you know about Egyptian history that may be important within the story? Do you have any theories about the Jade Scarab or the secrets it holds? Share your ideas, predictions, and knowledge with the community in the comments below! After many of you made surprisingly close predictions about past islands, we’re intrigued by your guessing skills! Can you do it again? ?

Monday, January 24, 2022

PoptropiCon, Ep. 2: Spoiler Alert will be returning on January 27th ?‍♀️

It’s official, y’all! We’re less than a week out from the rerelease of another episode of PoptropiCon! Prepare for the island’s next installment by revisiting Episode 1: Line Forms Here! First and foremost, you’ll need a ticket to get into the sold-out convention. Can you find a way into the most exciting event of the year?


PoptropiCon Episode 2: Spoiler Alert


PoptropiCon, Episode 2: Spoiler Alert will be released to members Thursday, January 27th, on desktop and mobile! Before you know it, Poptropicans everywhere will be returning to the convention center. And this time, we’re finally getting in! Get ready to explore the huge expo hall, join the event’s costume contest, and face off with other superfans in a little friendly competition!


Brace yourselves, adventurers. The action is about to get real!



Countdown to PoptropiCon 2: 3 DAYS! ?‍♂️