Monday, February 28, 2022

Pop Libs: Fill in the Blanks to Make Your Own Unique Short Story!

Here’s another fun, free activity to try! Put your vocab to the test with a mad libs-inspired fill in the blank story! Play with a friend or complete the activity by yourself!


Without looking at the passage, think of wacky and random words to fill in the numbered parts of speech. Whichever way you prefer to play, use the list to jot down your answers or write them directly in the story’s spaces. After you’ve come up with the 27 different words, plug in your responses. Follow along to read the finished product!


Fill in the Blank Activity


There are millions of combinations that can be made! How’d yours turn out? Silly? Weird? Realistic? Did it make sense? Share your unique short stories with other players in the comments below! ??

Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day, Poptropicans! ?

Hope you’re having a day just as sweet as you are! Send one of our poppin’ Valentine’s cards to your loved ones to show ‘em just how much you care!  There’s no doubt in my mind that you have tons of better ideas for valentines – share your card ideas and puns in the comments section below! ??


Poptropica Valentine's Day cardsPoptropica Rumpelstiltskin's "You stole my heart" ValentinePoptropica's Cinder's "You rock!" ValentinePoptropica Bee Bot's "You're the bee's knees" ValentinePoptropica Amelia's "One in a million" ValentinePoptropica's Crusher "I've got a crush on you" Valentine


Also in the news, Adventutre Outfitters’ inventory has been updated to include some of your familiar favorites! Stop by Home Island’s store to add the Heart Knight costume (300 credits) and Stylin’ Outfit (250 credits, members-only)!


2/14 store rotation - 1 of 42/14 store rotation - 2 of 42/14 store rotation - 3 of 42/14 store rotation - 4 of 4


Go all out for Valentine’s Day! Combine fashion and fighting with the Heart Knight’s pink armor, face shield, cape, and sword! ?  The Stylin’ Outfit is a laid back look, perfect for any occasion! The costume’s simple white tank and jeans are accessorized with patterned sunglasses, long necklace, and a cold drink! Stylin’ and serving up a look!


While you’re at it, browse the pet section to scoop up any critter costumes you might’ve missed! Match your pet’s look with your Popsona’s shades, add a cozy sweater, or combine costumes to create a memorable pet look!


2/14 pet rotation - 1 of 42/14 pet rotation - 2 of 42/14 pet rotation - 3 of 42/14 pet rotation - 4 of 4


Don’t forget! February’s costume contest ends THIS WEDNESDAY, February 16th, at 8pm PST (9pm MST, 10pm CST, 11pm EST). Make sure to enter your outfit designs through the submissions page before the deadline for the chance to see your original work in the game!


February Costume Contest promo


Good luck to all!! ??

Friday, November 12, 2021

Guest Blog: Poptropica Boredom Busters by Golden Crown! ?✨

Hey, Poptropicans!


Golden Crown here, with some Poptropica Tips! If you’re like me, you’ve probably completed every island possible, like, five times. That’s okay, because here are some Poptastic Boredom Busters and challenges to do while you’re waiting on islands! 


  1. Win at every game.

Go on, hit the arcade, you’ve earned it! Play Star Link, Balloons, or my personal favorite, Sky Dive! Try against different players and see how many times you can win at each game! If you want to test your maneuvering skills, some other games you can play are Clear the Skies with 1st Mate Ack and The Cheetah Bandit’s Race!


  1. Buy everything you can.

To be honest, I’m still completing this. I haven’t bought everything, but I’m close! You don’t even have to USE everything you buy; you can honestly just buy stuff because you have the money. Go to every common room and every store you can! Remember, your clubhouse has a store as well!


  1. Look for details.

Go through the islands, looking for easter eggs and things that point to other islands. For instance, I was in Poptropicon, when I saw an advertisement for a movie called “The Hobo” that looked suspiciously like a certain movie I enjoy.


The Hobo movie poster


  1. Throw a party!

Invite your friends to your clubhouse and just be silly and have fun! Play games, like tag! (Yes, Poptropica tag is a thing, trust me) Dress up!


  1. Take pictures around Poptropica.

Take a few selfies! I love to make my own Poptropica art. Check these out:


Aphrodite and Golden Crown on Mythology Island

Aphrodite and I, just hanging out!


Princess Golden Crown

Poor Princess GC!


I love Poptropica Dress Up. I can be whoever I please! What’s your favorite outfit?


I hope you enjoyed this post! In the comments, rate which Poptastic Boredom Buster is your favorite!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Poptropica Creators' pups enjoyed their snow day!

What's cuter than puppies in the snow?!
Kids all over the Northeast USA had a snow day today! Here in the Massachusetts area (where Poptropica headquarters is) we're getting a foot of snow or more. That means many of the Poptropica Creators worked at home while their kids and furry friends enjoyed the wintery weather.

The Poptropica staff were sharing pics of our dogs with each other today and we thought -- hey, why not show our fans our adorable canines? Everyone loves puppy pics, right?

So, here are some pictures of Poptropica Pups enjoying the snow!

Master Mime's pup, Jessie, went outside with the kids
and ended up with snow pants of her own!

It's so windy, Kevin might fly away!

Skinny Moon's dog, Toby, loves to eat snow!
And last but not least, Poptropica Creator Red Lightning has a sweet dog named Rubbles who seems to have a taste for rabbits...

Don't worry, no evil rabbits were harmed in the taking of those photos. I think.

Happy snow day to everyone who had one!

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