Monday, August 22, 2022

Weekly Shop Update: New Rotations for Popsonas and Pets!

Happy Monday, Poptropicans!


While it’s troubling to see the Airship depart in its fractured state, Amelia seems to be in good spirits. Her store, Adventure Outfitters, is restocked and ready to serve Home Islanders. Let’s hit the racks! ?✨


8/22 shop update - 1 of 48/22 shop update - 2 of 48/22 shop update - 3 of 48/22 shop update - 4 of 4


As per usual, this week’s shop update features a variety of unique fashions, like the trendy Denim Delight costume (250 credits), mystical Forest Druid ensemble (250 credits, members only), Ocean Breezy combo (200 credits, members only), and fabulous Prom Princess gown (350 credits). If those options don’t tickle your fancy, opt for a grunge look with the Rock Star costume, Robin Hood’s heroic style (150 credits), or a purrfect Cat Pack Traveler (350 credits, members only). 


8/22 pet update - 1 of 48/22 pet update - 2 of 48/22 pet update - 3 of 48/22 pet update - 4 of 4


Before heading out, the pets’ section is calling your name! Pamper your pet followers with a new outfit (or 4) for 75 credits each. Among all players, this month’s most popular pet styles include the Dino Suit, Robin Hood, Magic Cloaks, and Lion Mane add-ons. Members also have the option of outfitting their pets with the Shark Fin, Spike Collar, and Hawaiian Bandana accessories. ??


That’s a wrap on this week’s inventory update! What costume combo is your Popsona rocking? Do you like matching your pet’s outfit or do you prefer your own separate styles? Share your opinions in the comments below, we’re in need of a fashion refresh! ?

Pink CrushAugust 27, 2022 pm31 8:29 pm

I LOVE the Tye-Dye Trends outfit! I want more like it!

Comical SkySeptember 11, 2022 am30 11:12 am

We should have something BACK TO THE FUTURE related