Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Another week, another shop update! ✨

This week’s store coverage is a short and sweet round up of costumes and clubhouse décor. Count your credits and let’s pop in Adventure Outfitters! ?


8/8 shop update - 18/8 shop update - 28/8 shop update - 38/8 shop update - 4


Poptropicans everywhere are gearing up for their first day of school! While first day ‘fits are all the rage IRL, don’t forget to style your Popsona to show off your unique fashion sense. This week’s updates feature the Rib Wrap Outfit (75 credits), Boho Chic (350 credits, members only), Rock Star (350 credits), and two versions of the Dark Astro Knight (250 credits each) costumes.


August clubhouse items


As for clubhouse gear, last month’s Rumpel-ized decorations have been restocked! All players can add the Rumpel Plushie (100 credits), Rumpel Skull (50 credits), Gold Rumpel Statue (100 credits), and Rumpel Owl Lamp (30 credits). Alongside the magic man’s decorations, players can also choose from an assortment of adorable plushies, tricked out appliances (check out the soda bar!), and island memorabilia from Jade Scarab, Goofball, and 24 Carrot Islands. ?


In other news, the Baron is scheduled to touch down on Home Island town tomorrow (8/10)! Plus, word on Mainstreet is that Poptropica’s favorite sky pirate is said to have something brewin’… Whatever it is, only time will tell! Await the Airship’s return to Home Island and be one of the first in line for the Cabin of Curiosities. See y’all on the Flight Deck! ?‍☠️

Lucky HawkAugust 9, 2022 pm31 2:56 pm

What about the costume contest??? I have been checking this blog every day to see if it's there, but it isn't! Please post the results soon!

August 9, 2022 pm31 3:35 pm

Results will be posted tomorrow! :-)

Lucky HawkAugust 9, 2022 pm31 2:57 pm

Nvr mind. Saw the last paragaph. Sorry!