Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Weekly Shop Updates and July's Good-byes!

Top o’ the mornin’, Poptropicans! ?


Hopefully the tail end of your summer breaks have been going swimmingly. Items from July’s final store update are flying hot off the shelves – let’s take a look at this week’s inventory! ?


7/25 shop update - 17/25 shop update - 27/25 shop update - 37/25 shop update - 4


Standout styles from the latest update include Fruity Cutie’s sweet watermelon romper (350 credits), Summer Breeze’s yellow sundress (250 credits, members only), and the beautiful Swan Ballerina costume (350 credits). 


Dazzle in Denim Delight (250 credits) or level up your Popsona by adding a portable kitty with the Cat Pack Traveler (350 credits, members only). ?


7/25 shop update - left display7/25 shop update - right display


The costumes and clubhouse items at either end of the shop are nearing a swap. Snag the Cloaked Rogue and Demon Mischief costumes (350 credits each) and the cabana clubhouse collection while they’re still in stock! 


By this time next week, a new month will be underway. Adventure Outfitters is set to reopen with updated displays and exciting outfits, alongside a stellar set of monthly member gifts! 


Until then, catch you on the flip side. Stay poppin’, y’all!