Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Shop Update: Summer Stock for Pets and Players! ?

This week’s shop update is a brief affair, featuring seasonal sag, bright hues, and pet accessories. Who’s up to indulge in some good, old fashioned retail therapy? Adventure Outfitters awaits! 


7/18 Adventure Outfitters update - 1 of 47/18 Adventure Outfitters update - 2 of 47/18 Adventure Outfitters update - 3 of 47/18 Adventure Outfitters update - 4 of 4


Beat the heat and outfit your Popsona to match your vacation vibes! Dress up with the Spring Fling’s (300 credits) pink flower crown and a mint, polka-dot sundress, or dress down with Dangerous Waters (350 credits) and Sandy Beach costumes (200 credits) – sunscreen not included.?


Although summer’s usual focus is on the heat, Rainy Days (200 credits, members only) is a must for the season’s monstrous thunderstorms. Throw on the yellow raincoat and rain hat to avoid downpours around the islands! 


7/18 pet update - 1 of 57/18 pet update - 2 of 57/18 pet update - 3 of 57/18 pet update - 4 of 57/18 pet update - 5 of 5


This week’s featured addition is… the Pink Afro (75 credits, members only)! Style your fur-legged friend with a mane of fuchsia curls before experimenting with matching accessories, like the Pink Sunglasses, Pink Tutu, or Princess Dress (75 credits each).


There’s also a variety of summer gear at your pet’s disposal: a matching yellow Rain Hat (members only), Shark Fin (members only), Ladybug Swimsuit, and Lifeguard Vest (75 credits each). ??



What’s your current costume combo? ? Do you prefer to change your Popsona’s outfit or stick with a signature outfit? How about your pet’s look? We want to know! Share your pop preferences in the comments below! ?


That’s all for today, folks. Told ya this week’s shop updates would be short and sweet! Stay poppin’, y'all! ?

Friendly RockJuly 19, 2022 pm31 5:08 pm

I have had the same signature outfit sense you could play the old islands still

Happy LizardJuly 20, 2022 am31 10:49 am

Can you add a dragon as an extra pet please?

anonymousJuly 20, 2022 pm31 12:07 pm

Of course, Adventure Outfitters. Remind me, what was wrong with the original Pop Store again?

Little BirdJuly 20, 2022 pm31 12:41 pm

I keep my signature outfit (although I sometimes add a scarf or a different weapon or belt.) I actually created the outfit by going through my 'friends' list (the old one where you could see their saved closet outfits) and costumizing from one who had a bunch of stuff from Steamworks!

Imway TingJuly 21, 2022 am31 10:52 am

Mama imma need updates about the old islands coming to Steam. please im dying i need to play them. Please just a sliver of an update please sir can i have some more oliver twist voice.

so yeah please post about when the old islands are coming and what they are. Thanks

Friendly RockJuly 21, 2022 pm31 1:44 pm

i think they might not be updating the version but i don't know

AmandaJuly 21, 2022 pm31 11:18 pm

I change mine up a bit every so often. I have one outfit saved from the old Poptropica days when i was obsessed over the mythology island and you could still pick your outfit from random characters. And honestly, its really ugly, but it reminds me of when I would play all the time when I like 7 with my siblings. I still play, but I've grown out of it a bit since I'm 15. Still pretty cool to see how Poptropica has evolved over these years